Saturday, 3 January 2015

Transforming thoughts Transforming Reality. 

   Media: Truth or TRP? 
Media is the main means of mass communication (Television, Radio, and Newspaper) regarded collectively.

Truth: which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
TRP is Television Rating Point is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most.

In this world no one would like to be first from last, our Media always strives to bring the extra spice in news to increase the number of viewers for the show regardless of the severity, truth, intense of the news. It is said whoever controls the Media, controls the Mind. Today media is likely to be working for TRP at the end of the day it is a business, but a business can’t be done against truth. Media has tremendous principles and had played vital role in making world a global village but in country like India where still disbelief, illiteracy, poverty prevails it is becoming easier for Media to fool people. They don’t propagate the false statement, but they modify the statements which create a question against the reality. One may be showing the Do’s of government or company or individual but another might be showing the Did not of government or company or individual, but for people it is easier to catch up “Did not” aspect as expectations are endless because they are very interested in Ration(food) than free education in government schools. Media will propagate truth if only and only if we would desire and believe in truth. 
Let us swift to the conclusion of this topic by changing our mentality changing media. Let us all unite to say Stop TRP based media, we youth in masses can create awareness among our people to believe and search for truth and not to seek media to pleasure mind. Our young masses can bring mass media to its basic principle for the spread of truth. It is us who can control by boycotting the TRP interested Media. Together we to unite not be the preacher of TRP media but to bring the change. We should firm with a slogan “For My Media TRP is as equivalent to Truth”. Long Live Truth in Media Long Live Faith in Media.

Again back to definition media should be “Media =Truth = High Television Rating Point.”  

Friday, 7 November 2014

Inspiring Leader Inspiring Pakistani

At that place are thousands of Pakistanis whom I hate for their in-humanitarian activities. The prospective reading Pakistanis have always been arrogant, aggressive, and hurtful. Whether it might be a problem of the border or cricket, there has been equal and opposite response to their controversial actions. Languages spoken between two nations have always been of gun firing. Supplications for the happiness of both of the nation belong to God but the difference is individual nation prays to God for their happiness and destruction opposite the border. Such prayers become complicated till it reaches to God. Though no force can stop the message of love, humanity, respect across the edge.
Humans are alive till the humanity is alive. God or positivity for atheistic always hear the appeal which is intended for the improvement of humanity. Truth always wins.
A Pakistani inspired me that to a young Pakistani girl inspired me. Thousands of people can be brutal, but one receives the ability to propagate the message of love. Malala Yousafzai is indeed a source of inspiration for her Nobel action and for a message of peace across the border. I wish such brave souls takes birth in both of the nation. I think such Nobel Personalities will string the strong relation between the hearts of two nations.
Long Live Humanity and Long Live Brave Souls.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Swacch Bharat :Initiative for Natives of Nation: Clean India Campaign

We are the citizen of the world’s greatest democracy. We the people of India have right of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. If we the people have right to clean and safe environment then isn’t it our responsibility to share in keeping it tasteful and white? Not a single human being of earth loves to puzzle out in unpleasant workplace, whether it might be home, street or town. Heroes of India have been agents of change since long time. Our heroes have been acting upon every generation for the amelioration of the country. When it comes to grade our country with an obvious disappointment, we say “Dust, Dust Everywhere not a single place to breathe”. It is said cleanliness is next to a godlier, we call our nation to be a birthplace of God than don't you suppose we are doing injustice with God who gifted us birth in a state with plentiful vegetation and fauna?  We feel proud to say Mahatma Gandhi was turned out in my country, my state, but get along we actually pay tribute to him? Our hero Mahatma Gandhi held a dream of clean India; as his followers don’t you believe we should be a helping hand to reach his aspiration? We question to our government for corruption but do we question ourselves for corrupting environment? We gave our vote and now it’s time to cooperate with government, to make our vote meaningful. This time majority made its way in parliament and vote was for the development of the country. Govt. of India has made an initiative of Clean India “Swachh Bharat” to pay tribute to Father of Nation who emphasized on clean India. Let us join to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to gift clean nation to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary, and what other greatest gift it can be other than clean India to our coming generation.
Who wouldn't love to nurture their youngsters in a fair environment? If this is a century of youth than youth will have put in all endeavors for development of the country.
People might question how come Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can bring development? The answer is Clean India will be less prone to infection, thus increasing the life span of organisms thus the right performance of ecosystem. The increasing life span will increase the working efficiency, hence increasing the per capita income thus increasing GDP. Not going much deeper Swachh Bharat will be proud for us and we should clean our nation by cleaning our soul first. As a Gujarati we should put the pledge of Swachh Bharat into 100% action to pay tribute to the Man of Gujarat Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Narendra Modi. Come do come out for betterment of yours and betterment of nation. Join to the Nobel cause to reap a Nobel Destiny. If you raise voice when you are beaten up, we will raise our voice when our motherland will be spoiled.

We are human, live as human, and illuminate your soul your body will reap an action.
We are putting our efforts for cleaning our nation for ourselves!  

Towards Swachh Bharat 

Jai Hind 

Ujjwal Patel

Towards Clean India: Janta Chowkdi.
This was the second bout of the Clean India Campaign. Kids, Youth and Oldies came out to a street to implement the oath taken at Gandhi Jayanti. The primary aim was to produce awareness of preserving our surrounding neat and clear. Swachh Bharat is an initiative for common man, to aid in providing a healthier environment. The majority of plastics were of Paan Masala, which is indeed a cause of cancer when consumed and spoils the environment when thrown here and there. It wasn’t thrown by Narendra Modi or any celebrity, it was by common people. Hence to bring awareness among people that polluting the surroundings and not disposing waste properly is the reason for regular visit to hospital.

Our group selflessly volunteered for the noble cause and cleaned in the all four directions of Janta Crossing.  Thither was a drastic difference after the dedication of nearly 2 hours, we are sure that it had brought an impact and inspired many and they will consider twice before polluting.
If 5 star restaurant, iPhones, cars and happiness start with us, then why not Clean India Campaign?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Teachers Day :)

“Knowledge is Power”
Warm greetings to you on this teacher’s day 5th Sept. 2014. I am indeed very happy to share my words on this day and I remember the life of educationist and our former President Dr. Sarwepali Radhakrishnan whose birth anniversary falls today. Centuries passed, leaders changed, education changed but the dignity and value of a teacher remained constant from the early life in Hindustan. For me ‘a teacher is a teacher is a teacher’. I respect and have fear of three people in life: God, Parents and Teachers, because their valuable teaching and endless love are the strongest force that binds me to this world. During my school time it was said ‘we are at Home away from Home’ and my school really meant that. Recalling my early years of school, once I went for a one day tour it was at Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and I went sick that day, today my mom and I remembers this and my mom says that my teachers took a complete care of my throughout day and handed me to her in evening. My teacher is my second mother who gave me understanding and meaning to my existence. Good teaching is a long term investment, it pays a good interest. It is said, that in the teaching profession the fruit is often invisible for a long time, and it’s true today in brief modernization and transforming world as a youth if I am able to bear sense of responsibility for my society it’s because of the seed of ‘respecting others, taking responsibilities, being honest and humble’ were sown by my teachers. I was poor my teachers made me rich. My teachers played a crucial role in my life, they gave me the strength to play with numbers, to fight with chemicals, to get reflected from mirror and make words with fun. On this teachers day I recall the name “Rising Star” given to me and faith shown by my teachers to become a good writer and orator. If students are the building bricks of nation I must say teachers are cement that keeps the students integrated and support’s the rising wall. A teacher means everything from A-Z. Words would be less to describe boundless teachings of moral values, education and creative skills. I express my deep gratitude for your patience, strength and energy to deal with students. I am indebted to you for always being a supporter and considering my dreams, and intellectual development of my. Teacher is not restricted to just convey the core subject but a teacher is one who has the immense ability to ponder into child and search for his wish, ability, dreams and strength. I express my deep gratitude for identifying my abilities and interest. Truly said “A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stop”. Today if I am able to pin down few lines it’s because of your (teachers) support and trust in my writing. I would be always thankful to you for being a living legend with lamp on path towards my success. I pray on this day that every child across world gets education and teachers to make education to understand easily. I express my deep gratitude and once again a Happy Teachers Day.               


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Towards Independent & Developed Nation

Bright, charming, beautiful girl, open hair, big hills, Tropicana in one hand and other crossed in elbow joint of Punjabi muscular, handsome boy. Hand in hand walking together on railway platform, cold breeze with tiny droplets of rain enlightening there mood their mood and minute by minute their smile grew, they accommodated on a bench and holed each other’s hand and proving their love to be the best, and it was a fresh love, both had just went through maturation and trying to occupy place in each other’s heart. “May I have your attention please the train number 19216 is 15 minute late” “Chai Chai garma garam chai” it all added the essence and fragrance to Indian love story. Wind went much faster and boy tries to cover her face and secures her hair. All of sudden there comes interruption in the future planning of lovebirds, A small 9 years girl, beautiful but torn cloths, disheveled hairs “the deadliest fact of India” and stretches her arm towards a lovely couple. Sometimes it is justified to be jokes made on Punjabi’s. In a response to the stimulus of poor girl in need for help, the boy started singing a song “Khali haath aaye the hum khali haath jayenge”. India a democratic country: freedom to speech, expression, idea. All of the sudden people surrounding them laughed on the girl who was born rich but went poor having a boyfriend. If one can’t be a lifejacket at-least avoid being a disaster.

 Children are meant to be a shadow of God, if one can’t be helpful at-least respect them, which they are in search for. If anyone wants to discover the second face of India which should be developed and that would result in the constructive nature of human resource one should have a visit of Indian Railway. Sometimes we criticize and would prefer to ban poor’s at railway station but where would they go? Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) aims on the improvement of over-all child development, this girl was also in need? Girl was deprived from ICDS better ICDS is deprived in serving needed children. Yearly a large amount of budget is sectioned for “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” but actually dose girl child are protected. We hope from this new government which would not only increase the coach of train but also for an integrated development of children, suffering from deficiency of respect, moral values and education. If building block of nation’s remains underdeveloped than it is a big insecurity for nations development.

Why should only government be responsible for this? Coming back to the real-life story, the 9 year old girl passed on to next bench with a deep pain. There was a University professor; he gave a bunch of papers and a pen. Girl was happy, had a sweet deep intense smile than a lovebird and it fascinated the people sitting on station. “May I have you attention please train number 19216 is arriving shortly on platform no.4”. These 15 minutes went crucial for that girl and in sowed a thought of education in that girl. Disrespect from a boy to a helping hand of professor it impacted everyone’s life. If government fails we are “doctor” we can improve health, we are a “teacher” we can educate them if we eat we can share that.
In previous 67 years of independence government and people were unable to improve the nutritional, health and educational status of children, so let us be the change, if we are able to change government than we are also able to change people’s thought and make a foundation stone for INDEPENDENT DEVELOPED INDIA. So on upcoming 68th Independence Day let us pledge to provide and make underprivileged children to feel independent from labor and disrespect and honor the building block for nation.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Has faith in himself Has faith in God

 Who can read peoples mind? GOD!!! Than why doesn't God responds to the ongoing problems and question?? A million dollar question the existence of GOD??  This even can’t be answered by friend of modern man: “Internet”.  If a person adulterates food, he can’t extract the pure molecule of that food. Similarly today's Homo s. sapiens have adulterated there life with impurity of thoughts, culture, and materialized there life with such a speed that they have left-away the culture, spiritual and moral values. The God exist in every atom, molecules and God even lies in one’s soul and is felt when the soul is pure and not rusted by the impurities of will to gain something harming and dishonor the rules of nature. The only reason the soul is immortal because GOD lies in every soul and it transformed from one body to other.

 It is the most shocking that 1,35,445 people committed suicide last year in our country, studies says that India has highest rate of major depression in world, country which is readily prone to crime. Such disastrous results can only occur when there is misguidance and hindrance in the cultural and spiritual values. India is a country where the baby learns the moral values from womb itself. To the distracted people of India from the track of believing and having faith in oneself the best medicine is to believe in GOD and start following the chapters of sacred texts of the Hindu epics. The one of the best example is the Bhagvad Gita.

 Gita itself is the message to the life of being pure. It is the only book on which the oath is taken for being true to people. Gita works on every stage of life:
1. For Youth Bhagvad Gita says:
Oh! Parth (Young Boy) you wake up, you stand strong and shapes your own destiny and you are only the sculptor of own life and educate yourself to defeat the devil within ones soul.
2. For Elders Bhagvad Gita say:
Oh! Parth (Humans) you start building pure society, starting form yourself and your house. In-cooperate moral values in your young-ones.

It is the ultimate rule of nature that every action has equal and opposite reaction, thus the humans should do hard work and should remain pure for better reaction of GOD which is in ones soul itself.

Whatever the person maybe or has it’s because of GOD as humans are not capable of reviving the life after death.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dream “Speech at Narendrabhai Modi's Farewell at Gujarat State Assembly”

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.
“”When the time stood still…… and thousands of heart were politically charged””
I was born in 1995 and was unable to witness the historical winning of India’s Independence and strength of freedom fighters. History textbook used to enchant me when the name of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel use to come and my SA Node use to generate a substantial wave of joy, pride and emotion. Today when a Gujarati boy born to a middle class household, delivering a successful story going to become a Prime Minister of India defeating the India’s largest party, it conveys the same delight, pride and enthusiasm as reading Indian History. I was unable to attend India’s Independence but I am lucky to see the India going to be redefined under the governance of Modi Sarkar which is much historical as defeating Englishman because today India is under the dominion of corruption, insecurity, terrorism and when an IRON MAN-2 (Modiji) is designated as Prime Minister. Today I feel extremely proud for being Gujarati who has gifted two-two IRON MAN to the nation. A PM who sees the half-filled glass of water completely filled, half with water and half with air, his optimism and endeavor to achieve something which he can tribute to Mother India really bring an insight to his strong will and power through which no-doubtfully he will lead India to a remarkable position. Aristotle said “WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO. EXCELLENCE, THEN, IS NOT AN ACT BUT HABIT”. Narendrabhai Modi is the man of excellence because he had always proved that he has been trying to be better. He always sees himself as the problem solver and thus has led Gujarat to Model State in the country by improving Educational, Agricultural, Industrial and Health Care System. His optimistic behavior, ambition, enthusiasm and hard work have brought him to this position. It is said that “IF WE CAN NOT SWIM TOGHETHER, WE CAN SINK TOGETHER” but Narendrabhai Modi believes in flying together, he rises and fly high in the sky with a deep thought of serving the nation. Today I congratulate Narendrabhai Modi for his glorious victory in the world’s largest democracy. Now finally I am from a land where Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel were born and last-but-not-the-least from a land where LION RULES. For last few years there was a question “Is India Well?” but “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of a living man, have found a home from the earliest days; when the men began to dream of existence it’s only the India.” Modiji you will be the catalyst in increasing the arms and developing the India. India was, well, India is well and India will be well in the hands of Narendra Modi. Today in this Farewell function my eyes are filled with the tears of sorrow and joy, sorrow that we will be missing our strongest Chief Minister and joy that our Chief Minister is going to be Prime Minster. May God Bless Us All with strength, will, determination and power on this historic occasion. We trust you and we adore you and no-doubtfully you will lead India to a remarkable position.

Jai Hind
Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat