Saturday, 1 November 2014

Swacch Bharat :Initiative for Natives of Nation: Clean India Campaign

We are the citizen of the world’s greatest democracy. We the people of India have right of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. If we the people have right to clean and safe environment then isn’t it our responsibility to share in keeping it tasteful and white? Not a single human being of earth loves to puzzle out in unpleasant workplace, whether it might be home, street or town. Heroes of India have been agents of change since long time. Our heroes have been acting upon every generation for the amelioration of the country. When it comes to grade our country with an obvious disappointment, we say “Dust, Dust Everywhere not a single place to breathe”. It is said cleanliness is next to a godlier, we call our nation to be a birthplace of God than don't you suppose we are doing injustice with God who gifted us birth in a state with plentiful vegetation and fauna?  We feel proud to say Mahatma Gandhi was turned out in my country, my state, but get along we actually pay tribute to him? Our hero Mahatma Gandhi held a dream of clean India; as his followers don’t you believe we should be a helping hand to reach his aspiration? We question to our government for corruption but do we question ourselves for corrupting environment? We gave our vote and now it’s time to cooperate with government, to make our vote meaningful. This time majority made its way in parliament and vote was for the development of the country. Govt. of India has made an initiative of Clean India “Swachh Bharat” to pay tribute to Father of Nation who emphasized on clean India. Let us join to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to gift clean nation to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary, and what other greatest gift it can be other than clean India to our coming generation.
Who wouldn't love to nurture their youngsters in a fair environment? If this is a century of youth than youth will have put in all endeavors for development of the country.
People might question how come Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can bring development? The answer is Clean India will be less prone to infection, thus increasing the life span of organisms thus the right performance of ecosystem. The increasing life span will increase the working efficiency, hence increasing the per capita income thus increasing GDP. Not going much deeper Swachh Bharat will be proud for us and we should clean our nation by cleaning our soul first. As a Gujarati we should put the pledge of Swachh Bharat into 100% action to pay tribute to the Man of Gujarat Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Narendra Modi. Come do come out for betterment of yours and betterment of nation. Join to the Nobel cause to reap a Nobel Destiny. If you raise voice when you are beaten up, we will raise our voice when our motherland will be spoiled.

We are human, live as human, and illuminate your soul your body will reap an action.
We are putting our efforts for cleaning our nation for ourselves!  

Towards Swachh Bharat 

Jai Hind 

Ujjwal Patel

Towards Clean India: Janta Chowkdi.
This was the second bout of the Clean India Campaign. Kids, Youth and Oldies came out to a street to implement the oath taken at Gandhi Jayanti. The primary aim was to produce awareness of preserving our surrounding neat and clear. Swachh Bharat is an initiative for common man, to aid in providing a healthier environment. The majority of plastics were of Paan Masala, which is indeed a cause of cancer when consumed and spoils the environment when thrown here and there. It wasn’t thrown by Narendra Modi or any celebrity, it was by common people. Hence to bring awareness among people that polluting the surroundings and not disposing waste properly is the reason for regular visit to hospital.

Our group selflessly volunteered for the noble cause and cleaned in the all four directions of Janta Crossing.  Thither was a drastic difference after the dedication of nearly 2 hours, we are sure that it had brought an impact and inspired many and they will consider twice before polluting.
If 5 star restaurant, iPhones, cars and happiness start with us, then why not Clean India Campaign?

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