Saturday, 2 August 2014

Towards Independent & Developed Nation

Bright, charming, beautiful girl, open hair, big hills, Tropicana in one hand and other crossed in elbow joint of Punjabi muscular, handsome boy. Hand in hand walking together on railway platform, cold breeze with tiny droplets of rain enlightening there mood their mood and minute by minute their smile grew, they accommodated on a bench and holed each other’s hand and proving their love to be the best, and it was a fresh love, both had just went through maturation and trying to occupy place in each other’s heart. “May I have your attention please the train number 19216 is 15 minute late” “Chai Chai garma garam chai” it all added the essence and fragrance to Indian love story. Wind went much faster and boy tries to cover her face and secures her hair. All of sudden there comes interruption in the future planning of lovebirds, A small 9 years girl, beautiful but torn cloths, disheveled hairs “the deadliest fact of India” and stretches her arm towards a lovely couple. Sometimes it is justified to be jokes made on Punjabi’s. In a response to the stimulus of poor girl in need for help, the boy started singing a song “Khali haath aaye the hum khali haath jayenge”. India a democratic country: freedom to speech, expression, idea. All of the sudden people surrounding them laughed on the girl who was born rich but went poor having a boyfriend. If one can’t be a lifejacket at-least avoid being a disaster.

 Children are meant to be a shadow of God, if one can’t be helpful at-least respect them, which they are in search for. If anyone wants to discover the second face of India which should be developed and that would result in the constructive nature of human resource one should have a visit of Indian Railway. Sometimes we criticize and would prefer to ban poor’s at railway station but where would they go? Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) aims on the improvement of over-all child development, this girl was also in need? Girl was deprived from ICDS better ICDS is deprived in serving needed children. Yearly a large amount of budget is sectioned for “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” but actually dose girl child are protected. We hope from this new government which would not only increase the coach of train but also for an integrated development of children, suffering from deficiency of respect, moral values and education. If building block of nation’s remains underdeveloped than it is a big insecurity for nations development.

Why should only government be responsible for this? Coming back to the real-life story, the 9 year old girl passed on to next bench with a deep pain. There was a University professor; he gave a bunch of papers and a pen. Girl was happy, had a sweet deep intense smile than a lovebird and it fascinated the people sitting on station. “May I have you attention please train number 19216 is arriving shortly on platform no.4”. These 15 minutes went crucial for that girl and in sowed a thought of education in that girl. Disrespect from a boy to a helping hand of professor it impacted everyone’s life. If government fails we are “doctor” we can improve health, we are a “teacher” we can educate them if we eat we can share that.
In previous 67 years of independence government and people were unable to improve the nutritional, health and educational status of children, so let us be the change, if we are able to change government than we are also able to change people’s thought and make a foundation stone for INDEPENDENT DEVELOPED INDIA. So on upcoming 68th Independence Day let us pledge to provide and make underprivileged children to feel independent from labor and disrespect and honor the building block for nation.


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