Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Need of the hour, from the desk of Nationalist.

Need of the hour, from the desk of Nationalist
Today is the birth anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar, I feel bewildered to convey my greetings on occasion for his work or to abhor for the way in which his work have been misguided by politicians and us. Our constitution begins with ‘we’ even though after 70 decades, we stand apart across the boundaries built by us and deliberately made for us. I envision with hesitation that if our country had great leaders like him, then why we are still backward and untouchable to form a developed nation? Over yesteryears our day begins with politics and end with politics. Shouldn’t we understand that this “politics” leads us to fallacious arguments? Why don’t we think that this politics and politicians have made us puppets for their greedy needs?

I recall candle march on December 2012 and of yesterday, I found the only one difference that is in 2012 it was BJP and today, it’s Indian National Congress, but “RAPE” remains constant, pain and fear remain unchanged, sentiments of the public are unchanged. Whom to blame? Government? No its politics and politicians. Politicians amend laws related to their rights, salaries, houses and taxes, but such amendments for punishments and investigation remain stacked in the hidden corner with their own corruption files. The Need of the Hour is not to fight against the particular government but, be with the government and COMPLE them to amend the laws, or else to politicize the issue and playing the blame game will also be blaming the previous governments too even the first government of India.

I recall the incident of March 2018 where HINDU women was gang raped and loathe for previous day incident of a MUSLIM MINOR gang raped and murdered. Whom to blame? Religion, Caste and Age altered, but RAPE was still persistent. The major thing for me which remained more sustained is a MAN. Does rape have religion? Should we blow up for crime in association with religion? Dose crime has any caste or religion? Need of the hour is to bring change in ourselves. Such un-humanitarian actions are not a tsunami overnight but, those high tides were generated long back. So we MAN needs to identify and stop those tides. Unless and until MAN won’t change and won’t bring change RAPE will never be abolished. Need of the hour is self-help groups, consultations and righteous upbringing of the male sex. If we are not able to provide safe environment, we are animals not humans. I fall under this category and have insight that Girls are respect, honor, dignity and fixed deposits of their parents, neither property, nor slaves of males, and to speak for someone’s justice only when you respect them and individual humanity in you. Or  else those posts will remain just for 24 hours on status and for 2 minutes 1 while uploading and 1 for seeing a number of seen.
 A deeper study can identify various causes which I think to pen down will offend man and who’s who of various industry majorly the Entertainment.

I remember that a common pay fees for not wearing helmet or seatbelt and I think of Who’s Who it might be MLA, MP, or Celebrity exempted and impelled to exempt in favor humanitarian work done from black money. Whom to blame? Yes, our Judiciary needs to strong not by the economy but by action. It takes days and month to arrest or even make a judgment for big names, but only few seconds for their bail. Does this mean that it is aiding for more crimes? Need of the hour is fair judiciary. The bar association should handle such selfish un-human crimes rather than worrying for the scams.

I even have a message for the various associations, Sena, Andolan Samiti and groups that your protest and fight for wrong justice, reservation, and superiority is nothing in front of such pain. If women in any community are insecure and you fire public property you are not showing your manpower you are showing your inner nudity. If you can’t allow a film to release, railways or buses to run and even compel to stop internet then you should even peacefully protect your people, because this is not just a case a Jammu or UP but also your hometown. Show some bravery and sense over there.

To make a most genuine end, I would like to pen down 1.3 billion – 545 lok sabha members are nothing. It is our majority over any government thus those 545 are helpless without us and we are responsible for the rise and fall because we elect some good some bad some correct and some incorrect candidates. So let us pledge as an individual among those 1.3 billion that we will safeguard our rights and if hindrance comes will peacefully achieve goal.   
Thank you for spending your time but rethink for the ways to develop humanity in yourself.
Some people say I feel shame to say Bharat Mata ki Jai or Jai Hind after such occurrence but I will sign off with it as I might feel guilt for those evils and animals but not for my nation.

Jai Hind
Ujjwal Patel

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