Saturday, 3 January 2015

Transforming thoughts Transforming Reality. 

   Media: Truth or TRP? 
Media is the main means of mass communication (Television, Radio, and Newspaper) regarded collectively.

Truth: which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
TRP is Television Rating Point is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most.

In this world no one would like to be first from last, our Media always strives to bring the extra spice in news to increase the number of viewers for the show regardless of the severity, truth, intense of the news. It is said whoever controls the Media, controls the Mind. Today media is likely to be working for TRP at the end of the day it is a business, but a business can’t be done against truth. Media has tremendous principles and had played vital role in making world a global village but in country like India where still disbelief, illiteracy, poverty prevails it is becoming easier for Media to fool people. They don’t propagate the false statement, but they modify the statements which create a question against the reality. One may be showing the Do’s of government or company or individual but another might be showing the Did not of government or company or individual, but for people it is easier to catch up “Did not” aspect as expectations are endless because they are very interested in Ration(food) than free education in government schools. Media will propagate truth if only and only if we would desire and believe in truth. 
Let us swift to the conclusion of this topic by changing our mentality changing media. Let us all unite to say Stop TRP based media, we youth in masses can create awareness among our people to believe and search for truth and not to seek media to pleasure mind. Our young masses can bring mass media to its basic principle for the spread of truth. It is us who can control by boycotting the TRP interested Media. Together we to unite not be the preacher of TRP media but to bring the change. We should firm with a slogan “For My Media TRP is as equivalent to Truth”. Long Live Truth in Media Long Live Faith in Media.

Again back to definition media should be “Media =Truth = High Television Rating Point.”  

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