Saturday, 4 October 2014

Teachers Day :)

“Knowledge is Power”
Warm greetings to you on this teacher’s day 5th Sept. 2014. I am indeed very happy to share my words on this day and I remember the life of educationist and our former President Dr. Sarwepali Radhakrishnan whose birth anniversary falls today. Centuries passed, leaders changed, education changed but the dignity and value of a teacher remained constant from the early life in Hindustan. For me ‘a teacher is a teacher is a teacher’. I respect and have fear of three people in life: God, Parents and Teachers, because their valuable teaching and endless love are the strongest force that binds me to this world. During my school time it was said ‘we are at Home away from Home’ and my school really meant that. Recalling my early years of school, once I went for a one day tour it was at Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and I went sick that day, today my mom and I remembers this and my mom says that my teachers took a complete care of my throughout day and handed me to her in evening. My teacher is my second mother who gave me understanding and meaning to my existence. Good teaching is a long term investment, it pays a good interest. It is said, that in the teaching profession the fruit is often invisible for a long time, and it’s true today in brief modernization and transforming world as a youth if I am able to bear sense of responsibility for my society it’s because of the seed of ‘respecting others, taking responsibilities, being honest and humble’ were sown by my teachers. I was poor my teachers made me rich. My teachers played a crucial role in my life, they gave me the strength to play with numbers, to fight with chemicals, to get reflected from mirror and make words with fun. On this teachers day I recall the name “Rising Star” given to me and faith shown by my teachers to become a good writer and orator. If students are the building bricks of nation I must say teachers are cement that keeps the students integrated and support’s the rising wall. A teacher means everything from A-Z. Words would be less to describe boundless teachings of moral values, education and creative skills. I express my deep gratitude for your patience, strength and energy to deal with students. I am indebted to you for always being a supporter and considering my dreams, and intellectual development of my. Teacher is not restricted to just convey the core subject but a teacher is one who has the immense ability to ponder into child and search for his wish, ability, dreams and strength. I express my deep gratitude for identifying my abilities and interest. Truly said “A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stop”. Today if I am able to pin down few lines it’s because of your (teachers) support and trust in my writing. I would be always thankful to you for being a living legend with lamp on path towards my success. I pray on this day that every child across world gets education and teachers to make education to understand easily. I express my deep gratitude and once again a Happy Teachers Day.               


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